How many Biographies of Abraham Lincoln are there?

abraham lincoln

There are 585 books of Lincoln on Amazon

    A quick look, well not that quick, at searching for Books about “Abraham Lincoln” returns 3,681 results. I doubted that there were that many books on Lincoln, so I went through each page and each item on Amazon's result and I ended up counting 585 books about the figure of Abraham Lincoln in english. The list does include biographies, biographies of relatives, generals and people who knew Lincoln and they talk about him. There are also books on his speeches, on the war, and his wives. There books for academics, for kids and the general public about the historical person. But the vast majority of the list are biography books. He definitely is the US President that has the most biographies written about him.

    What historical person has the most biographies?

    According to the historical figure that has the most biographies written about him is Adolf Hitler. This is somehow eyeopening, the man responsible for the Holocaust is also the person that attracts the most attention from readers and editors of biographies. It's similar to the fascination that some people have towards serial killers, which is also a popular in the biographical genre.

    Below is the List of the 25 Best Biographies about Abraham Lincoln

    A. Lincoln: A Biography
    By Ronald C. White
    By David Herbert Donald