How many biographies are there on Wikipedia?


According to there are approximately 18.5% articles related to “human” or biographical articles of people on Wikipedia, that is 2,932,736 biographies. But if we only count articles written in english (5,323,000) then you do the math. There are a lot of biographies to read, but how many people can be considered worth a note to have a biography in Wikipedia?

How many people can be considered worth a note to have a biography?

That is a difficult question to answer. There is no policy prohibiting someone to write his own biography on Wikipedia. Taking that into account, any person is worth having an article on Wikipedia if it is relevant for the readers and it is well-sourced and well written.

What makes a great Wikipedia biography according to the Editors?

Any article on Wikipedia needs to be concise, jargon-free, written in straight-forward way, really well-sourced, and it can not contain original works from other sources. In any case, the most challenging thing when writing on Wikipedia is to stay in the neutral point of view. Many editors recommend not to write a biography of someone you admire or hate, for that reason.

Antoher thing to have in mind is that if Wikipedia thinks it is “branding” or a self-promoting page it will probably delete it. You can find more information regarding writing an autobiography on Wikipedia in this article: Wikipedia:Autobiography.

How many biographies of living people on Wikipedia were initiated by the person themselves?

That is a hard question to answer, too. Since Wikipedia dones not require editors their real identities, there is no way to know the exact number. And, “initiating” an article can be interpreted in many ways, for instance, asking a friend or relative to write an article about you. Also, you can “hire” people in markets like or Upwork to write it for you.

Does Wikipedia reflect society's gender gap with biographies?

The answer is “yes”. According to Wikidata:Database reports, 85% of biographical articles are about men and 15% about women. Furthermore, 87% of all Wikipedia contributors are men, so women are vastly mis-represented.