How many biographies are published each year?

How many biographies are published each year?

There are no data available to answer this question with precision so I will try to be creative with it.

  • Only in the U.S. in the year 2013 were published 304,912 books including new titles and re-editions.

  • On there are 17.1 million books in english on sale, and 501,741 books corresponds to “Biographies and Memoirs” (Amazon Category). So biographies represents roughly 7% of the total books on sale at Amazon.

  • If we apply the same ratio of Biography books on Amazon to the number of books published on 2013, results in 21,547 biography books published in 2013 (including new titles and re-editions). I have to say that this method is not accurate and it is not taking into consideration many factors (like trends, self-publishing and so on and so forth), but to have an estimate it is fine.

So here you have it: 21,451 biography books published each year

Let's work out more these numbers. According to Google, there are 129,864,880 books published in the entire World. They used a special algorithm to crack down this number. Although Google declares that their estimate is not perfect, it is an estimate that they can work with it, like for instance, to scan all the books in the world they need to know how much work they have ahead. And applying the 7% of biography books of Amazon, we end up with 9,100,000 biography books in the world

Facts on the U.S. Book Industry

According to the consumer and educational book publishing revenue worldwide was $102 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow to about $123 billion by 2020. To the U.S. Market corresponds $29 billion in revenues. From that $29 billion in total revenue, $23 billion corresponds to the publishers.

The largest publishing house is Pearson, a British company with an estimated $6.63 billion in revenues in 2015. It follows Thomson Reuters, RELX Group, Wolters Kluwer and Penguin Random House. The U.S. Is by far the largest publishing industry and market, followed by China and Germany.

China published more books than the U.S. In 2013

According to UNESCO, in 2013 China published 440,000 new titles and re-editions while the U.S. published 304,912 new titles and re-editions. Ranking third was United Kingdom with 184,000 new and revised. Here is the list of the top 10:

1 - China 440,000

2 - United States 304,912

3 - United Kingdom 184,000

4 - Russia 101,981

5 - India 90,000

6 - Japan 82,589

7 - Germany 82,048

8 - Iran 72,871

9 - Italy 61,966

10 - South Korea 47,589