Best Biographies of 2017

best biographies of 2017

This is my personal bet for the biographies that will be best sellers in 2017

Trump: The Art of the Deal
By Donald J. Trump, Tony Schwartz

2017 is going to be his year, the man himself, President Donald Trump. For that reason I think his best selling book Trump: The Art of the Deal will be one more year on the top of the list of best sellers. 

Donald Trump is the definition of the American dream, hard work to succeed and anyone can be president of the United States of America. Isn't it wonderful or not?

He is not only the most powerful man on Earth right now, he is also the most controversial one. He speaks his thoughts out. No average or middle terms are on his vocabulary. 

Xi Jinping is the man who rules China, the second most powerful man on Earth. Not excempt of criticism or controversy, but this is China, he can deal with that easily. This is his autobiography originally written in chineese and now translated into english. 

Why do I think this biography will top charts in 2017? President Trump's international policies will force China to respond, and this context will make Xi Jinping's figure more publicly notable. Therefore interest in his person will increase sales on his book.

Who knows, maybe he will be the next Nobel Peace Prize. Taking into account the previous precedents like Henry Kissinger, Al Gore and Obama. 

Cannot tell you why, it is just a premonition. A feeling that something will happen on 2017 that will make this figure very popular again. 

Elon Musk is regarded for many as the real Tony Starks, the "Ironman". Probably because of  his shyness his person is not that know as Steve Jobs was, but his vision and the wingspan of his projects deserve it.

2017 could be the year of the space trips, the moment in history when planning a trip to the Moon or Mars was seen as reasonable.

Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity are defining the 21st century economic structures, and behind these achievements there's one man.  

Jeff Bezos is Amazon, and Amazon is Jeff Bezos. 

Amazon is everywhere and everywhere is Amazon. You can find almost anything in the "everythingstrore" and its logistics and marketing are changing everything, from the way we buy, the things we choose, the way we like to spend our money, ...

Jeff Bezos has created a giant store  that has engulfed its customers who enjoy living inside it. 2017 will be Jeff Bezos baptism as the new Pope of consumerism.