Top 10 U.S. First Ladies in history

Until the day the U.S. has its first female President, let's pay attention to the first ladies of the White House that have left the greatest impression in history, because behind every great man there is a great woman. This Top 10 list is made from several other historians and experts' list that takes into account things like integrity, accomplishments and public image. 

jacqueline jackie kennedy onassis

1. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

"Jackie" is without doubts the icon of American first ladies, she served in the White House less than three years though. Her public image is beyond her personal achievements, but one thing is clear, without her, the image of the "First Lady" won't be the same. 

eleanor roosevelt

2. Eleanor Roosevelt

She was best on women's rights issues, she has done more for advancing their recognition than any other First Lady. Her service to the country is a long lasting legacy even after leaving office. 

hillary clinton

3. Hillary Clinton

Hillary is no doubt one of the most capable First Ladies of all. Her role as the First Lady while Bill Clinton's office left a great impact on international affairs as well as on gender issues. Her later high-profile political career has somehow eclipsed her past as first lady. 

michelle obama

4. Michelle Obama

Her most notable attributes are that savoir faire on balancing family life, women's issues and communicating  with the public. While on the White House, she led causes on children obesity, veterans and women's education. She is regarded as a potential President.   

nancy reagan

5. Nancy Reagan

Nancy led a campaign against drugs called "Just Say No" that helped shape conscience on the public minds on the problems caused by its consumption and its related consequences.  

martha washington

6. Martha Washington

Martha set a precedent for the role of the First Ladies. During her husbands office, she managed the presidential household and held weekly receptions. 

dolley madison

7. Dolley Madison

Dolly is probably the first "First Lady" to whom the this term was used in the modern sense. She used her social networks to support her husband's political career and once in the White House, she took up many social causes. 

abigail adams

8. Abigail Adams

Her role was very important during the beginning of the republic. Abigail and her husband, the President John Adams, were the first couple to reside in the White House. 

laura bush

9. Laura Bush

She was one of the most popular First Ladies of all time. Her professional background, former teacher and librarian, marked her causes while in the White House. She launched the program "Ready to Read, Ready to Learn" promoting literacy.

melania trump

10. Melania Trump 

Being the First Lady during the office of her husband Donald Trump doesn't appear to be something easy, but one thing we can bet on is that she too is going to make a mark on the history of American first ladies. At least, she is the most beautiful among them.