Madonna Biography

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Name: Madonna Louise Ciccone

Birth date: August 16, 1958

Profession: Singer

Best works: Like a Virgin, Vogue, Frozen, Music

Why you should read it: Because Madonna is always in front of the trend, she re-invents herself again and again to remain in the top. 

Social networks: @Madonna, facebook

Madonna Louise Ciccone or simply Madonna, is a singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman. She is also known as the "Queen of Pop", and she definitely deserves it. Her biography is long and interesting, because she is one of those characters that keep on reinventing themselves. 

Madonna is one of the greatest female artists of all time and one of the richest too. She has sold more than 64 million albums and she has earned US$ 1.3 billion from her concerts only, so you can imagine the rest. 

A part from her numerous musical awards and No.1 on Billboard's list, Madonna has also starred in several movies like Evita. Her biographies are truly a reflection of the times changing and we invite you to read one of the selected books to go further deep in the life of this great artist. 

Madonna: An Intimate Biography
By J. Randy Taraborrelli
The Mammoth Book of Madonna
By Michelle Morgan