Kanye West Biography

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Name: Kanye Omari West

Birth date: June 8, 1977

Profession: Rapper

Best works: Stronger

Why you should read it: because he is a successful college dropout, charismatic, authentic and a great artist. And because he has 26.9 million twitter followers and he only follows one (Kim Kardashian).

Social networks: @kanyewest

Kanye Omari West is the husband of celebrity Kim Kardashian, he happens to be a very talented rapper and songwriter, and less successful fashion designer and entrepreneur. He was born in 1977 and was raised by his mother, they both moved to Nanjing (China) when Kanye was 10. 

West wrote a rap at the age of 13, dropout from college to pursue his musical career. In 2004, his debut single "Through the Wire" made it to number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. Now Kanye is a best-selling artist with more than 32 million albums sold and 100 million digital downloads. He has received a total of 21 Grammys and Time named him one of the most influential people in the world. 

His outspoken views and controversial conducts like the one with Taylor Swift during the MTV Music Awards have made him the center of mainstream attention. Kanye West's biography is like no other biography, he is truly unique.