Jennifer Lopez Biography

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Name: Jennifer Lynn Lopez

Birth date: July 24, 1969

Profession: Singer, actress

Best works: Let's get loud, On the Floor

Why you should read it: She is one of the leading faces of the Latino community in America. Her talent both in music and in films makes her one of the greatest stars. 

Social networks: @JLo, facebook

Jennifer Lynn Lopez or also known as J.LO, is a singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author and producer. Her actress career is equally successful as her musical one, and this is something very rare. She became the first Latina actress to earn over US$ 1 million for a film. Actually, her movie career started before her singing.

J.Lo has won several music awards and made the No. 1 in the Billboard's list with her debut album  and other singles, like On the floor, one of the best-selling singles of all time. It is estimated that her films gross revenue is over US$ 2 billion and her record sales exceed US$75 million. 

In Jennifer Lopez's biography we could not forget her marriage to Marc Anthony, with whom she divorced few years later.

We have selected three biographies of this outstanding performer and total artist that we hope you will much enjoy reading.     

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