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Welcome to Biography Books, the site for biography freaks and well read people. Here you will find the best selection of biographies for kids and readers of all ages. Looking for a biography of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, or maybe for a classic like Abraham Lincoln or George Washington?

A biography, or simply bio, portrays a person's life story with detailed descriptions of the subject's experience, personality and facts. Biographies as an independent genre began to emerge in the 18th century, before that it was considered a subsection of history.

Biographies are a great way to learn not only the history, but also to learn how to live our own lives through examples and other people's experiences. They are useful companions and sometimes they can be our mentors or advisors.  

I always enjoyed reading biographies of famous politicians, inventors, scientists, artists, businessmen, athletes and so on. It was like a door to access to their extraordinary lives. Great men and women are made through facing great challenges, and their life stories can inspire many others. 

Biographies are becoming more and more popular, not only as a compulsory reading book for students, but also for adults who see in biographies a reflection of who they want to be or as a fountain of inspiration. But overall, they helps us understand human beings and their actions. After reading a biography of a famous musician, one can understand better the life of a rock star. Reading a biography of Abraham Lincoln can reveal us details of the beginnings of the U.S. Reading biographies of business leaders can give us ideas and rules of how to become rich.

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